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The Lumani Team

Has more than 120 man-year experience in high-tech segment, mostly in the semiconductor fields.  Our mission is to use our IT expertise to reduce the energy consumption by intelligent and autonomous algorithms especially through AI and data analytics, so that  people may enjoy the sustainable better life.   

Chris Hung

Founder & CEO

Chris has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech and semiconductor industries. He joined Alcatel Microelectronics in 1997 before he established Sashay Technologies and introduced Virata’s ADSL solutions from Cambridge UK. In the early stage of ADSL deployment, Virata dominated the platform solution market. The team was acquired by Virata and then took the key role of generating the major revenue to the company. After Virata, he joined Brecis(WiFi router), Artimi(Ultra Wide Band), Ozmo(WiFi Direct) to develop the Asian markets for those startups. These years, he is more focused on merging the networking and lighting industries into a new species of technologies since he joined QSSI, a lighting fixture firm in the USA. He got the master degree of electrical engineering from National Taiwan University and the bachelor’s degree at Tatung Institute of Technologies

Kelvin Khoo

Adviser (Based in Silicon Valley)

Kelvin is a business development and marketing executive with a successful track record of developing and executing on growth strategies for technology companies of all sizes. He has successfully launched new products into the market, grow product line revenue and market share, executed on over $7 billion of merger & acquisition transactions, and managed corporate marketing and investor relations for publicly-traded technology companies. Kelvin is a Partner at GlobalLink1 Capital, a boutique private equity firm based in California. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Business Development at NetLogic Microsystems where he helped drive a successful growth strategy that enabled the company to grow five-fold in 6 years and led to the successful $3.7 billion sale to Broadcom. Kelvin has also held senior marketing, business development and engineering positions at Intel, GlobespanVirata, Conexant, Level One and STMicroelectronics. He has also served as an Advisor to Efinix, Alvand (acquired by Apple), Accton and Afa Tech (Novatek). He has an M.S.E.E. from the University of California at Berkeley and B.S.E.E. from Washington State University.

Vinson Chua

Co-Founder & Consultant for Business Development

Over 23 years of market development experience, including the fields of semiconductor, military electronics, fiber optics, and industrial automation. 10 years of career at AMD and Legerity. Established Asaiki and focused on the channeling for military segment(DDC & Microsemi), fiber optics(Finisar)and industrial automation(Gemac). Microsemi and Finisar are both listed on NASDAQ. DDC is the leader of 1553 communication protocol (Military & Aircraft industry). Vinson graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, with Honors Degree in EEE (Major in Control Engineering)

Joyce Lin

Co-Founder & VP Operation

Joyce has 23 years of experience in the high-tech industries. Her comprehensive skills include sales, operation, and intellectual properties, make a startup company’s life much easier. Since 1995, she has worked at big firms like Tokin, Acbel, and also Audix as the sales manager. She also helps startups like Probetech, Asiakey, and Hiking Group’s subsidiary H&H Hong Kong to register and develop the business in Taiwan. Joyce has the bachelor’s degree at Min-Chuan University and the master’s degree of Intellectual Property at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in China.

Mark Huang


Mark has 34 years of R&D experience. He is one of the key foundering engineers of Abocom to help the company get its IPO. He also builds the first ADSL router based on Virata’s solution in Asia. His skills grow from the early days of development on modem, broadband router, VoIP gateways, and T1/E1 trunks in different companies like Etech, Maxgate, Lectron, and Antek. These years, he is more focused on the software development on the APP/cloud based applications. He develops his Taxi calling system. He also helps develop the applications software for ITRI’s camera/lens project and Winpower’s screen touching systems. With the knowledge and experience of hardware design, he always makes the software with the consideration of the matching hardware performance. Mark obtains the BSEE from The University of Fu-Jen.

Lumani Partners

Thanks to all partners around the world, Lumani will continue to deliver the best products to make a better world.