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How Do You Do with Vacant Offices with Everything On?

In the recently prevalent share offices, this happens very often. The tenants don't really care about the electric bills as they are not directly dealing with them. LumaZones splits the big area into many smaller zones to manage them independently, so all the unoccupied areas can be autonomously managed to use less or no energy on lighting and air-con. Our LumaCloud also keeps all the ambient and occupancy data that have been remained mysterious to the premise owners for very long. Now they are all unraveled for us to understand how the things work like never before.

Human Centric Green, Comfort, and Productivity by LASM (LumaZones Automatic Switch Mode)

For public area like office and shops, LumaZones takes the activity counts from the motion sensor, plus inputs from other sensors to have a short term prediction for how to tune up the light and HVAC in different mode for each zone. Therefore it may save all the small pockets of energy whenever it has the chance of low or no occupancy. It can also blend all the advanced features, daylight harvesting, circadian, and humidity control into the autonomous algorithm seamlessly, as a total ambient management system.

Not Only on Occupancy but also on Activities 

Instead of conventional AI-based predictive scheduling, our patented algorithms do short term predictions by human activity level of the space to ensure the fluid occupancy patterns in the public ares are well covered. The system also does error recovery by comparing the system status and sensor data to dramatically lower the error rate. 

Office Scenario Simulation

See how lumaZones reacts to different occupancy patterns..