Common Problem of Indoor Lighting and HVAC

The energy is wasted because of no individual management of each zone. No matter how the occupancy level is, lighting and HVAC are always set to the same level for different zones.

Total Ambient Management on Single Hybrid Platform

All functions co-relate, co-exist, and co-work in harmony. It is designed to save energy  while ensuring users' comfort. Our ambient management engine locks in the green comfort zones for lighting and HVAC by human activity, lux, temperature, humidity, and even power consumption. If circadian light is equipped, the color temperature management can also be  blended seamlessly.

A Switch Changes Everything

Without the requirement of the neutral wire,
A Smart Switch that  can turn On & Off, Dim, and adjust Color Temperature all on the single button 

Free Your Design Limits by Novel Switch-Light Topologies

One light can be controlled by up to 4 switches
One switch can control <300W lights (no limitation on numbers)
No re-wiring; No programming by APP or coding
Last control overrides 

Minimum Wiring for Various Applications

No travel lines
No neutral lines
Simple installation made easy

Resilient Blindspot-Free 2.4GHz Wireless Mesh Networks

Each device is a connecting node
The nodes relay the messages
If the shortest path is blocked, it will find the alternative way 

A Single Switch Makes Lights Different